Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Corn Maze in Honor of Student

fundraiser for a 4-H Club in Max has special meaning this year...

One of its young members died in a car accident recently so this years Corn maze is for her... Shaun Sipma has the story.

(Gwen Scheresky, Rocky Acre 4-H & FFA-Max) Chelsey was great, she was a great person a great help to the 4-H and she's going to be missed a lot

Missed at a time when she helping out the most

Chelsey (Lease) Lies was an active members in the Rocky Acre 4-H club and in the FFA Chapter in Max.... and for three years was a big part in the success of the Corn Maze that was crafted along Highway 83.

(Daryl Lies, Chelsey's Uncle & Rocky Acre 4-H) "She may have missed one work night in the last three and a half years of putting this together and that's just the kind of example she was and made a big impression on both the 4-H and the FFA.

Now with Chelsey gone just as the corn maze was set to open for the 4th year, members of both clubs decided that it was only fitting to honor their friend who was a big part of the maze and their lives.

(Daryl Lies, Chelsey's Uncle & Rocky Acre 4-H) "The kids wanted to dedicate this to the memory of Chelsey this year. (Whitney Huesers FFA - Max) "We were best friends all three of us...... yeah

(Mikali Talbott, FFA - Max) "We were kind of unseperable at times."

(Gwen Scheresky, Rocky Acre 4-H & FFA-Max) "We'd come nights after school once practicers were done and stay out here for three hours, sometimes four. And the days we'd be out here for 7 or 8 or 10 hours at a time work with customers or getting stuff together."

(Daryl Lies, Chelsey's Uncle & Rocky Acre 4-H) "And we're standing in the area where she kind of took charge of was the pumpkin sales. On the weekends we were open so that's going to be different not having her come and say you know these don't look as good can we discount these a little bit."

(Shaun Sipma, KX News) "While Chelsey may not be here to guide people through this years corn maze here memory will certainly live through the FFA Chapters and 4-H Chapters in Max and not only in this maze but in corn mazes for years to come. Shaun Sipma KX News.

(Mikali Talbott, FFA - Max) (Whitney Huesers FFA - Max) (Gwen Scheresky, Rocky Acre 4-H & FFA-Max)

The Corn Maze opens this weekend and will be open Saturday's and Sundays through mid-October from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m.

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